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Servere pentru Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
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Dupa inca o saptamana, Valve lanseaza un nou update la Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Partea cea mai buna este aceea ca update-ul pare sa tina cont si de feedback-ul comunitatii.

Printre alte update-uri importante, echipa CS:GO pune la dispozitie un   Trebuie sa fii inregistrat si autentificat pentru a vedea linkurile.   pentru instalarea si folosirea serverelor dedicate. Pentru cei interesati, exista de asemenea si o   Trebuie sa fii inregistrat si autentificat pentru a vedea linkurile.   de discutii pentru servere.

Mai jos aveti lista completa de facilitati a noului update:


* Tweaks to the recoil model based on player feedback.
* Decreased the throw velocity for Incendiary and Molotov grenades. They can no longer be thrown far enough to block terrorists from leaving spawn in Inferno.
* Removed the ability to exploit the radar data.
* The aiming precision now changes back to the standing accuracy state immediately after the crouch button is released as opposed to waiting until you get to a full stand.
* Movement speed when entering a crouched state will no longer instantly switch to crouched speed. This should improve crouch jumping.
* Added the option to have the very first round in a match have a “warmup period”. This gives late joiners the chance to start at the same time as everyone else.
* Players who join late into an Arms Race match get the same weapon given to them as the player with the current lowest level in the game.
* Changed the default player models to st6 and phoenix; this addresses the issues with error geometry being shown on player created maps.


* Update to Match Setup screen – selecting the “GO” button instead of the map image will now launch the game.
* All offline modes now allow the player to select a bot difficulty.
* Server Browser can now be accessed via the “Community Servers” menu option.
* The Screen Resize screen in Advanced Video options has been updated.
* Fixed a scaling problem with weapon comparison bars in the Buy Menu. Weapon properties now display with the full range of the bar.
* The position of the Mini-Scoreboard has been adjusted.


* Added GSG9 and Balkan character models. You can see these news skins in cs_office, de_nuke, de_train, ar_baggage, and de_shorttrain.
* Dedicated Servers
- sv_allow_lobby_connect_only is off by default.
- mapcycledisabled is off by default.
- Fixed sv_password.
- Added Tags column to Favorites tab of server browser.
- sv_search_key tag is only added to matchmaking servers to remove clutter from server browser.
- “Status” will now report whether ds is official or community.


* Shoots
- Adjusted geometry to reduce areas where players and bots can get stuck or stand in inappropriate areas.
- Fixed some interpenetrating prop models.
* Train and Shorttrain
- Clip brush pass.
- Removed a number of physics props.
- Turned a number of phys props to static props.
- Fixed bad fade distances on a number of static props.
- Certain static props no longer us physbox.
- Removed bar structure.
- Adjusted tonemap settings.
* Aztec
- Tweaked some fade distances to fix objects popping into view.
- Added vphys clip to a gap where the bomb could get stuck.
- Set the “sweet relief” doors to not be breakable.
- Removed all physics props.
- Turned a number of props to static.
- Fixed a number of floating props.
- Rotated spawn instances so they’re facing the correct way.
- Fixed a number of bad fades in static props.
* Nuke
- Fixed a stray triangle in a destroyed door prop.
- Fixed odd looking nuclear waste barrels near bomb site B.
- Fixed the resolution of the ground texture near T spawn.
* Sugarcane
- Fixed some bad materials in the warehouse.
- Improved the fade distance on a number of props.
- Fixed sky brushes that were making geometry in the sky pop in and out.
- Made miscellaneous lighting tweaks in dark areas.
- Added light fixture to stairwell so players can’t hide in the dark.
- Moved a large light fixture that was under the bombsite to ease movement.


* Update the M4A4 sound.

Bug Fixes

* Arms Race now updates a bot’s difficulty on bot respawn.
* A fix has been made to Casual mode where a match tie caused players to spawn into a new round momentarily before the scoreboard is shown.
* Fixed a bug in the player id delay and re-enabled it.
* Connecting to a dedicated server should no longer show or hide loading screens in weird orders or return the player to the Main Menu screen temporarily.
* The loading screen “Continue” button should no longer display after an aborted or failed loading occurs.
* Fixed Main menu intro music persisting into games.
* The ESC key now closes the “Continue” loading screen.
* Fixed a bug in the death notifications where a player’s name displayed in the wrong team color if they did damage to a teammate and then that person was killed by an enemy.
* Fix for enemy radar icons disappearing after a map change.


* Added support for ATI X1000-series GPU


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