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Dproto 0.9.582
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dProto este un plugin metamod care permite conectarea pe server atat jucatorilor steam cat si celor non-steam (protocol 48 și 47).
dProto 0.9.582 functioneaza pe hlds engine 5787 si 6153.

Metamod 1.19-1.20, 1.21p37 ori 1.21.1-am

- Serverul accepta toti clientii pe ambele protocoale 47 și 48;
- SteamID personalizat pentru clienti;
- Functioneaza cu cea mai recenta versiune de hlds;
- Blocheaza toate exploit-urile recente.

- Adaugat suport pentru viitorul modul "voice transcoding module"
- O manipulare mai buna a clientului HLTV pentru a preveni ban-area.
- Cresterea capacitatii de stocare Sprite. Previne eroarea "Running out of free nodes" a serverului..
- Imbunatatirisi remedieri de securitate. Mai putin lag pe server.
- Readuce serverul pe Windows in RealTime, dacă nu exista QPC.
- Fixat identificarea boti-lor in "fake players check".
- Fixat "amxx_kick" pentru sloturile rezervate.
- Fixat partea de server in indentificarea boti-lor.
- Stergere "flag" la deconectare. Acest lucru rezolva bug-ul aparut atunci cand clientul se conecteaza pe un slot ocupat anterior de un bot.

Anti Exploit
* Exploits_CheckDownloads
-Enable checking of requested download files against precached resources

* Exploits_DisableUploads
- Disable file uploads (not customizations) to the server

Recomandare: Faceti update prin   Trebuie sa fii inregistrat si autentificat pentru a vedea linkurile.   la ultimul ENGINE HLDS !

Modificari (Changelog)

Version 0.9.582
- Fixed fake detection on paused server.

Version 0.9.549-0.9.581
- Fixed commands parsing bug.
- Removed multipacket connectionless packets support.

Version 0.9.548
Actualizați 04/17/2015
- Adăugarea unei noi versiuni, actualizarea bug-uri si upgrade-Changelog.

Version 0.9.534

Optional limit for dp_ipsessions output (dp_ipsessions ).
Output client last packet receive time on overflow.
Status command rate check.

Version 0.9.531:

False fake player detections should happen a bit less frequently.

Version 0.9.524:
Less restrictive setinfo usage.

Version 0.9.522:
Fixed issue with setinfo processing on some systems.

Version 0.9.519:
Additional checks and cleanup of setinfo fields on player connect.
Process setinfo command arguments.
Allow to use UTF8 nicks on older server builds (< 6xxx).
Set console to UTF8 mode on Windows (TrueType font should be selected to be able to read UTF8 texts).
Closed fullupdate backdoor.

Version 0.9.514:

Fixed STEAM userid keysize is bogus (0/1024) error.
Fixed issue with rules in release.
Filter setinfo sent out to other clients (thanks to PRoSToTeM@).
New option in config to enable sending of top and bottom colors: SpreadUserInfoColors.

Version 0.9.510:
Fixed release issue.

Version 0.9.509:
Fixed client commentator mode handling.
Switching to Source type answer when server is flooded with ServerInfo queries.

Version 0.9.497:
Bug fix.

Version 0.9.491:
Bug fix.

Version 0.9.490:
Added exploit fix.
Fixed RevEmu2013 SteamID assigning on Linux.

Version 0.9.481:
Fixed some of false fake players detections.

Version 0.9.476:
Fixed SteamID processing.

Version 0.9.475:
-Fixed trimming CRLF in steam.inf parsing.
-Removed config params: FakePlayers_ConnectInitiationCheck, FakePlayers_ClientValidationCheck, FakePlayers_CommandsOrderCheck.
-Default to generate steam id by ip for non-steam clients.
-Advanced fake clients detection.

- added quick fix against net_message overflow @ Netchan_CopyNormalFragments
- Fixed bug with HLTV SteamID in connect string set as BOT if cid_HLTV is 5.
- Added SteamIdHashSalt config parameter. Added emulator generated SteamIDs hashing.
- Fixed overflow file name format.
- Be lenient to the mod. Do not crash in PEntityOfEntIndex.
- PEntityOfEntIndex bugfix (thanks to PRoSToTeM@). Cleanup.
- Deltas processing bugfix (thanks to PRoSToTeM@). Cleanup.
- Option to log threat details. New config parameter: ThreatsLoggingMode. Spectate command rate limit to 1 per sec.
- Fixed utf8 checking function. Check whole userinfo for utf8 validity.
- Check requested customization in OnHandResources list too.
- Clear downloaded customizations on reconnect (actually on sendres command).
- Fixed bug with RequestedCustomizations cleanup on new connections.
- Increased connection flood burst level a bit to handle multi-protocol clients
- Fixed IsSafeFileToDownload on new builds to allow customizations downloads. Fixed CheckRequestedDlAgainstCustomizations code.
- Fixed custom reject message output for SteamEmu clients.

- Added support of upcoming voice transcoding module
- Better HLTV client handling to prevent banning.
- Increased sprite replacer storage capacity. Should prevent "Running out of free nodes" server error.
- Security fixes and improvments. Closed one more way of lag out the server.
- Fallback to the server realtime on Windows if there is no QPC.
- Fixed missing skip for bots in fake players check.
- Fixed amxx kick for slot reservation.
- Fixed server-side game bots identification.
- Clearing entity flags on disconnect. This fixes bug when client identified as bot if connects on slot previously occupied by a bot. (Thanks to Turanga_Leela)

0.9.187 - 0.9.330:
- Added support for latest HLDS builds
- If EnableSXEIdGeneration = 1, then sXe Injected is used for the generation of SteamID for everyone except steam clients.
- cid_SXEI works correctly now, and it is only used if EnableSXEIdGeneration = 1.
- Added support of RevEmu2013 clients.
- Added dp_rejmsg_sxei and dp_rejmsg_revemu2013 cvars.
- AMXX plugins were updated and now include support for SXEI and RevEmu2013.
- Removed messages like: Unable to load strings pool from file './cstrike/estrpool/estrpool_main.dat'.
- Added fixes for flood with commands like 'new', 'dlfile', 'sendres', 'fullupdate'.
- Check for initial commands order on connect. New FakePlayers_CommandsOrderCheck config option.
- Added checking of requested downloads against precached resources. New Exploits_CheckDownloads config option.
- Added block of file uploads to the server. Added Exploits_DisableUploads config option.
- Ban for repeating connection attempts from same IP.
- Ban for violations in connection protocol.
- Send VoiceInit on new server builds (initializes voice for old clients) (thanks to Chuvi).
- Fixed average PPS calculation. This solves problem with HLSW.
- Loading steam server ID and version from steam.inf and steam_appid.txt files.
- Fixed server info answer: setting proper steam server ID, version, bots count, correct lock status when password set to "none".
- Fixed steam ID generation function to return "BOT" for bots.
- Fixed AY&SY and svc_bad error on new Linux builds.
- Refactored IPRateFilter to not block HLSW.

- Fixed vulnerability used by "FVU" exploit

- fixed "STEAM userid keysize is bogus" error on SteamEmu clients

- fixed "Invalid challenge format" warning when client joins server

- Some bugs fixed (I don't remember what bugs )
- Removed subserver and master-client as they are not needed now
- Added challenge checking code to "rules" and "players list" requests handlers

- Fixed steamid generation for Steamclient 2009

- Fixed: VAC Status was always "protected" on Windows servers.
- Moved all options to configure fakeplayers detector to dproto.cfg
- Update sample amxx plugins.

- Added quick fix for vulnerability in netchan's fragment parser
- Enhanced detection of fakeplayers (against Argentinian haxxxorz)

- Improvements/bugfixes in fakeplayers/packet flood detection code
- AMXX API and example plugins updated
- Fixed bug with cid_AVSMP, it was always 1
- Added useful commands for threats monitoring, check Readme.txt

- Bugfix, bugfix, bugfix, bugfix....
- Added support for AVSMP clients

- Fix for random svc_bads on connect

- Proper bots detection method in fakeplayers detector

- Fixed problems with AMD engines
- Fixed hybrid answer mode
- Fakeplayers detector won't kick and ban bots anymore

- Fixed crash when working with bans DB (banid)
- Fix in new revEmu auth code

- Project moved to new versioning system; version format for now is MAJOR.MINOR.REVISION
- Added support for latest linux engine.
- Added support for new revEmu/SteamClient2009 clients
- Added config options to set first prefix of steamid for clients. For example, revEmu clients may be marked as STEAM_4_0_xx
- Added 2-level protection against all kinds of fake players
- Added protection against flooding server with connectionless (PlayerList, ServerInfo, Rules) queries.
- Added option (HLTVExcept_IP) to allow HLTVs from specified address to join the server even if cid_HLTV is 5 (deprectated). May be useful if you using HLTVReport plugin, but you dont want to allow another HLTVs to join your server.
- Source code will not be available anymore.
- (untested) "The VAC problem" (when VAC banned clients are able to join server) should be fixed.

- Fixed buffer overflow vulnerability in SV_ParseCvarValue2()
- Fixed crash for linux servers, when server started as unprivileged user that not able to write to server root directory.

- Fixed problem with dropping clients with "Unknown HLTV Type" message
- Fix in anti-svc_bad code, it should work fine now

- Fixed: old WON clients (CS patch 21 and lower) unable to join server

- Fixed NET_SendPacket error that appears when server tried to drop deprecated client

- Implemented fix for "Server failed to transmit file AY&SY" kind of svc_bad's
- UTF8 Chat/Nicknames support completely removed (will add it to another plugin)
- Userinfo filter removed because it does not needed anymore (it was a temporary fix for svc_bad's)
- Added separate AuthProvider (dp_r_id_provider cvar) constant for HLTV (check amxx/dp_test.sma)
- Fixed GameNameChanger plugins under Windows.
- There are a lot of changes in dproto.cfg. Old configs won't work with this version.

- Using on-the-fly offsets searching for patching.
- Dproto now supports all existing (and hopefully future) p48 engines for Windows and Linux (including
- Fixed vulnerability in SV_ParseVoiceData() used by hlds_vcrash exploit.

- hlds_fuck exploit fixed.
- Temporary fix for hlds_vcrash exploit: Patched swds.dll/, uploaded here and here.

- Possible DoS exploit fixed
- Added Subserver_IP option in dproto.cfg, used to set interface for subserver; subserver code will be rewrititten in next versions.

- Implemented cid_Setti clientid type (for Setti server scanner). Default value is 3 (STEAM_x generated by ip). This is workaround for situation when server disappears from Setti's serverlist (because Setti scanner can't join the server) when cid_NoSteam47=5 is used.
- Plugins changing game description (adding timeleft for example) should work correctly now.

- Fixed server response for very old clients (thx to Rulzy)
- Fixed bug when server drops HLTV if cid_NoSteam47/48 is deprecated(5)

- Added server-side emulation support. Currently supported emus are: revEmu, old revEmu ( <= 9.73), hCupa's SteamEmu
- eSTEAMATiON support removed
- Local banlist should work correctly
- Completely rewritten client authorization code. All problems with UNKNOWN steamids and not working "deprecated" clientids may be fixed.
- There are a lot of changes in dproto.cfg. Old configs won't work with this version

- Fixed: "deprecated" (5) ClientID did not work on cid_SteamPending (STEAM_0:0:0) clients
- Added: Various cvars for customizing reject messages for deprecated clients. Check the "HOW TO CHANGE REJECT MESSAGES WHEN CLIENTID IS 5 (DEPRECATED)" section of Readme for more details.
- Added: dp_version cvar that keeps current dproto version. It is exported to server rules by default, but you can turn the exporting off using ExportVesion option in dproto.cfg
- Added: Capability mode for steamIds generated by eST (to make it as in <= 0.3.0) versions, option OldEstCompatMode in dproto.cfg

- Fixed: "STEAM userid keysize is bogus" on build 4554 (May, 2009) under windows (broken in 0.3.1 version)
- Fixed: Annoying #18 and #19 warnings under windows

- Fixed: dproto gets wrong steamids from eSTEAMATiON.

- Fixed bug with steamid corruption for some no-steam clients

- Added dp_clientinfo command which can be used to get inforamtion about client's protocol. Check the Readme.txt and amxx directory for more info.

- Added support for new engines: 4617 for Linux and 4554 (15 Jun 2009) for Windows.

- Redirection fixed for subserver (thx to GoD2.0);
- Subserver now correctly works with broadcast queries;
- Hybrid serverinfo answer type discovered by ineya, fixes visibility for all clients. Check dproto.cfg

- Some compilation problems for linux fixed

Important !

Jucatorii care primesc kick cu eroarea "fake client" trebuie sa faca RevEmu update de   Trebuie sa fii inregistrat si autentificat pentru a vedea linkurile.  .

* versiuni mai vechi:   Trebuie sa fii inregistrat si autentificat pentru a vedea linkurile.  

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Motiv : Update latest Dproto 0.9.582
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Update   Trebuie sa fii inregistrat si autentificat pentru a vedea linkurile.  

Modificari (Changelog):
Optional limit for dp_ipsessions output (dp_ipsessions ).
Output client last packet receive time on overflow.
Status command rate check.

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  Trebuie sa fii inregistrat si autentificat pentru a vedea linkurile.  

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dproto, dproto 0.9.534, dproto 2015, dproto fix exploit, dproto fix raiz0 exploit, dproto linux, dproto windows


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